Four Hills Winery

Hello friends,

As you may be aware, over the past few years, Four Hills Farm has been a go-to destination for many in Northern Virginia for events and celebrations. Our land has been used for weddings, Quinceañeras, parties, and small get-togethers.

Additionally, we’ve been serving as a stand-in church for St. Katherine Drexel parish during the COVID-19 pandemic. We pride ourselves on being a safe, friendly location for events and gatherings. However, these gatherings do come at a personal cost to our family.

In particular, we currently need to raise funding for a new, larger capacity septic system to continue hosting large gatherings. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!

In parallel with this need, we are pleased to announce that we plan on launching a winery at Four Hills Farm in 2022. This will turn the farm into an exciting new social venue for families and individuals to relax, take in the scenery, and enjoy refreshments and libations.

We’ve decided to create three tiers of “Founder” memberships to individuals who want exclusive discounts and offerings in return for donating and helping us get the septic system replaced. These membership packages are as follows:

Founder – Bronze

1 Year of the Following Benefits
$ 500

  • Waived Club Initiation Fee
  • 3 Bottles Per Quarter
  • 30% Off Wine Tastings
  • 30% Off Wine Purchases
  • 5 Free Bottle Vouchers
  • 15% Off Event Rentals

Founder – Silver

1 Year of the Following Benefits
$ 1000

  • Waived Initiation Fee
  • 6 Bottles Per Quarter
  • 40% Off Wine Tastings
  • 40% Off Wine Purchases
  • 10 Free Bottle Vouchers
  • 20% Off Event Rentals

Founder – Gold

1 Year of the Following Benefits
$ 2500

  • Waived Initiation Fee
  • 12 Bottles Per Quarter
  • 50% Off Wine Tastings
  • 50% Off Wine Purchases
  • 15 Free Bottle Vouchers
  • 25% Off Event Rentals

Thank you for your time and consideration! We greatly appreciate your generosity.

The Medina Family


Note: In order for us to register you for our Founders program, please include your name and email address when you donate to the GoFundMe campaign. If you are not interested in becoming a Founder, but still want to donate, you can do so at any time.